Corporate Governance Policy

Corporate Governance

In order for the company to have a good corporate governance system according to the corporate governance guidelines of the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET), the relevant principles have been defined as follows;

  –   Rights of shareholders

  –   Equitable treatment of shareholders

  –   Roles of stakeholders

  –   Disclosure of information and transparency

  –   Board responsibilities

Business Ethics

The company will ensure that personnel adhere to business ethics as follows:

  –   Shareholders run business to create maximum satisfaction.

  –   Customers good service, quality, and promoting relationships based on mutual benefits.

  –   Business partners comply with trade conditions and are not against the law, along with fairness and transparency.

  –   Competitors promoting free and fair competition policy.

  –   Creditors comply with the conditions of the contract and financial obligations.

  –   Employees promote and develop the ability of employees including fair employment conditions, with a good and safe working environment.

  –   Government sectors give precedence to strict observance of laws and regulations.

  –   Community places importance in the environment, safety, and responsibility to the community, as well as supporting community and local activities in which the company operates.