Anti Corruption Policy

Anti-Corruption Policy

Eastern Energy Plus Company Limited recognizes the importance of both direct and indirect anti-corruption and corruption because the company believes that corruption and corruption are obstructing the growth of the company due to the company’s commitment to conducting business with good ethics, good corporate governance, and responsible to all stakeholder groups such as society, shareholders, investors, business partners, etc. Therefore, the company has a determination and commitment to fight against corruption and all forms of corruption. Moreover, the company has established an anti-corruption policy as a guideline for sustainable business operations and also clearly stipulates guidelines for combating corruption.

Directors, management, and all employees of the company and its affiliates are prohibited from acting directly or indirectly or accepting any forms of corruption by covering all departments involved and to regularly review the implementation of the anti-corruption policy, as well as review the guidelines and operational requirements to be in line with business changes, regulations, and legal requirements.