Eastern Energy Plus Co., Ltd. is a leader in systematic community waste management.
And recycle as an alternative energy that is environmentally friendly with efficiency
While also conserving the environment sustainably

Integrated waste management process

  • Landfill area of 159 Rai
  • Supporting waste from 48 local government organizations in Samut Prakan Province
  • Developing the potential of landfill ponds to help support waste from nearby areas
  • Using biological technology to solve the problem of odor and degradation of organic substances
  • Able to eradicate approximately 600 tons of waste per day
  • Able to sort waste, recycle and put it into recycling process
  • Able to produce RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) to feed the power plant
  • Able to effectively manage the zero waste in an environmentally friendly way
  • As for organic waste, through a combination of mechanical method and biological process becomes soil
  • Using leachate filtration technology with Ultra Filter Membrane and Reverse Osmosis Filter Membrane
  • Using natural microbes and aeration system to help with water treatment
  • Production capacity of 500,000 liters / day
  • Circulating and recycling within the project. For example; to produce bio-microbes (EM), pouring water, roads, watering plants and raising fish
  • No waste water released from the leachate outside the project area
  • Fish farmers around the project are not affected by the project