Human Right Policy

Human Rights Policy

Board of Directors, executives, and employees in the company must respect and comply with the laws regarding labour and human rights and respect labour rights, women’s rights, child rights, and human dignity including the freedom and equality of persons recognized or protected by both Thai and international law, according to the following guidelines;

Human rights and rights under labour laws

  –   Recruitment, employment, evaluation, promotion, transfer, appointment, training, development, disciplinary, indemnity, and contract cancellation must consider the qualifications, knowledge, capabilities, suitability, and performance are measures of consideration as well as morality and importance.

  –   Respect basic rights and personal freedom by complying with Labour Protection Act, Labour Relations Act, Safety, Occupational Safety, Health and Environment Act, and rules issued by government agencies, the company will not use the power to negotiate or force employees to enter into any agreements. This is to deprive the basic rights that should be obtained under the law.

  –   Respect the rights and benefits of employees in accordance with the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work and in accordance with the laws and principles of the UN Global Compact.